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Jane Osborne is a contemporary dance artist based in Vancouver, BC. Since graduating from Simon Fraser University with a BFA in Dance, she has continued her training both at home, and abroad in Europe and the US. Jane is a Co-Director of The Contingency Plan, a collective dedicated to commissioning, creating and producing innovative new works of live performance through collaborative process. In addition to creating with The Contingency Plan, Jane actively pursues her interest in Dance on Film together with Filmmaker Jeff Pelletier. As an interpreter, Jane has worked independently with Justine A. Chambers, Tara Cheyenne Performance, Jennifer Clarke, dancers dancing, Co. Erasga, Rob Kitsos, Ziyian Kwan, the plastic orchid factory, Vancouver Opera, and Wild Excursions Performance, among others. Jane is a fully certified PhysicalMind Pilates Instructor and as a dance educator, has guest taught for Working Class and Modus Operandi Training Program. She is also on staff at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts. Jane is on the board of the Training Society of Vancouver, a volunteer run organization that provides professional level contemporary dance training to the Vancouver community. www.contingencyplan.ca